Saturday, December 20, 2014

Season of Change

Hey Dreamers! Shawn back with a request. I'm requesting that you take a moment out of your busy Holiday schedule and help donate to a cause that is truly dear to my heart. Frost Valley YMCA is a Summer camp that I grew up at. I've been apart of the family for going on 12 Summers and have had nothing but love, friendship, and community instilled in me. Now we are asking for your help in sending a child to receive all those gifts that I received. If that isn't enough let me share something else with you. Frost Valley is the only camp in our country to harbor a Dialysis center.The Ruth Gottscho Kidney Foundation provides campers who suffer every type of Kidney dysfunction, including dialysis. The reason this is relative to me is, I was one of the kids who benefited from the program. Being a kid with Renal Kidney Failure, Frost Valley provided me with a opportunity to be "normal". So I like to pay it forward as much as possible. In saying that help me pay it forward. Please donate and help send a camper who may have kidney disease or may not to camp. I promise you wont regret this holiday donation. Only 12 days left to do so. Please help out. If this long and lengthy plead isn't enough take a look at these awesome pictures to see some of the magic camp provides...

Here's the link to my donation site. Please help me by sending a child to camp.
Donate Here!

Dream a Little Dream of Me 

Shawn B

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Billy Reid Spring 15'

Hello Dreamers sorry for the absence but after my heartfelt post right below this one I needed a bit of a break, just to get my ish together. Anyway I realize I haven't posted any of my picks for Winter faves in a while, and since fashion is always a season or 2 ahead I'm going to have start posting Spring wear. So here I am with a dilemma, which do I choose? I choose both. This week I'll be throwing you what my Winter favorites are and while keeping trend with giving you my Spring choices. Starting us off is one of my better choices Billy Reid Spring 15'. It's so Summer and raw pallet wise. I think I found my Summer aesthetic.


The use of neutral tones and linen is what Summer breezes are made of...
All pictures are use from Here's the link so you can see the rest of looks from the show.
Billy Reid!

Dream a Little Dream of Me...

Shawn B.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Letters to my Father

So Preppsterdreamin isn't the place where I expose too much of my personal life. I actually like to keep the personal side of my life just that personal, but in the last two weeks my mind has been in such a tizzy. I can't seem to think straight and I think I need to just put it into words. I think i'm a bit of a mess because I'm in such a pivotal point in my academic career, and life in general and the only man that would understand isn't here. My father Marvin Blagmon could say like 5 words and calm me the hell down with great ease. My mind has been racing because I feel losed at times and don't know why. I just remember times coming home and he and I would talk for hours about nothing, or everything. These days I have no one to talk to and it's not the same. I bury myself in Preppsterdreamin because it is a release, and being able to express myself through my form of art (fashion) helps me when I'm feeling my lowest. 

As you can see he also took pride in my art and supported me in whatever I did. He was a true legend im beyond lost without  him. There are days that go by that I wish it was all a dream. Only thing I can be happy with is he and I were in such a good place when he died. He was my role dog, my role model, my hero. I just wish I could talk to him and get his counsel on what i need to do next. I feel lost all the time, and no one lends the hand I need from him. 

Through all my sickness and health issues he's never made me feel bad about what I might have taken away from him because he did it because he was an amazing parent. I'm starting to forget who I was before he left me. I just feel like a different person all the time, and everyday seems like a challenge. I'm grateful for all you here on Prepptserdreamin who let me be myself. I'll continue to showcase myself on this platform while i continue to heal, Thank you all for your continued support. And thankyou for letting me open myself alittle on this platform.

Peace and Love..

Dream a Little Dream of Me...

Shawn B.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Stripes and Polka Dots.

Hello Dreamers another day another post. Today was an ode to that old sailor style. The weather was gloomy and I was on a mission. I like my Sunday's to be very typical, and somewhat rehearsed. By rehearsed I mean I love my Sunday routine. Most times it consists of church, gym, and and homework. Not always in that order either haha. Anyways as the weather takes a nasty drop layering becomes key. My navy and white stripe sweater is great for the look I was going for. Take a peek into my Sunday.

Breakdown of the Look: Naval Striped sweater is from H&M, polka dot shirt is from H&M, chinos are from J.Crew, blazer is thrifted vintage from a Salvation Army

Pleasure in the Details: Wingtips are from UrbanOutfitters, pocket square is tweed and from J.Crew, hat is my dads and is one of his many Kangols, and those are my new tortoise shell frames. 

Try thinking about this on your Sunday's


You'll never go wrong...

Dream a Little Dream of Me....

Shawn B.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Beach Days

Hey Dreamers another day another dreamy location for me showcase my love of style. I went back to Orchard beach and was taken back by the beauty of Fall there. Today was one of the better days and I was so happy with my results. My look was very geared towards the weather. Not freezing, but not super warm either. I feel I dressed accordingly, but Its not what I think. I want to know what you all think of my look. Check it out!

Outfit details: Jeans are Old Navy, Denim shirt is from J.Crew, Wool camel colored  Pea-coat is vintage and belonged to my late dad. Hat is Brixton for Urban Outfitters. The boots are the Hawking McGill leather cleat Boots.

Sand Dunes


These cleat boots are perfect because one. they are wingtip and look great, and two: they are functional. The cleat underneath makes them good for grudging thru the sand or (snow God forbid anytime soon). The string on the hat perfect for when the wind blows it off.  

I am such a fan of the beach in the colder months. It holds regalness that it doesn't when it's crowded by shoebies, and other assorted people. Maybe i'm just picky. Whose to say?

Dream a Little Dream of Me...

Shawn B.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Toggle Coat Weather

Hey Dreamers! I have to say the lovely warm weather I've been such of fan of as of late is past us : (. I know sad and as hard as it is to move on i'd like to officially declare this "Toggle Coat Season". The time of heavier coats with a boater lifestyle, that's for me. Today was a basic day where I needed an easy look. I brought out the toggle and the rest is history. Tell me what you think. Do I make it look easy?

The Details: The Toggle coat is Fall 13' J.Crew, the shirt is a Kirkland thrifted gift to myself, Maroon hat is from H&M, and the pinstripe pants are from J.Crew. Ill elaborate more on the sneakers later.

The black and white pinstripe Converse. I never thought I'd get a chance to wear these, but they have to Europe and back and I have to say they are really starting to become my favorite sneaker.

The pleasure in the details: that maroon hat I love so much haha.

I am such a an of the Ivy on the side of my house.

I plan on getting as much wear as I can out of my Toggle. It's perfect for when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

I wanna know what Winter coats you will all be rocking this season. Drop me a line in the comments below.

Dream a Little Dream of Me...

Shawn B.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Star Crossed. A Style pictorial...

Hey Dreamers! I'm back with another fashion post. I regret not posting in the "Sand Castles" pictorial that I was doing a two day pictorial. For that very reason I must apologize to you all, but it slipped my mind. Now I know this place looks familiar, but you will see there is a very big difference in the shooting for this pictorial. So prepare to be amazed, amused, and maybe a little astonished. (haha) Just prepare for some Preppsterdreamin Style...

The Outfit details:The pant's are chinos by J,Crew, my wingtips are Hawking McGill for UrbanOutfitters, The vest is a former jean jacket from Banana Republic which with my crafting skills is now a vest, the Blazer on the other hand is Thrifted vintage, All I know is it has vintage buttons of gold tennis rackets, Basically what allured me to it.

Craft: Look at those vintage buttons. Very much of an older time.

Being able to incorporate a very Spring looking blazer into my Fall wardrobe has been really great. I'm a big fan of pop colors and this powder blue tennis blazer is the perfect accessory for the look. 

The pleasure in the details: Pocket square is from J.Crew, wingtips are Hawking McGill for UrbanOutfitters, bowtie is actually from Burlington coat factory, hard to believe I know.

The World Is Yours...

Fall nothing better...

Dream a Little Dream of Me...

Shawn B.